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Why buy a Cleaning Machine from Hart Total Cleaning? Because it will be the right one for your application – GUARANTEED!

With the benefit of 40 + years in this business covering the supply of equipment all over Scotland for most applications, we have the experience to KNOW and recommend the best and most COST-EFFECTIVE solution to suit your needs.

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How do we prove this to you before you buy – SIMPLE!

A ‘Hands-On’ demonstration on your site using whatever combination of brushes/pads & chemicals to restore YOUR floor to as close to original specification as possible allowing for any wear and tear which has taken
place over time

Our goal at Hart Total Cleaning is to make sure customers are SHOWN THE BENEFITS of the system we are recommending for their particular site and this makes a purchasing decision easier.

We train your staff as part of the supply position at no extra charge to achieve the results shown during the trials transferring the skills and know-how!

We are pleased to recommend and stand behind the Eureka range of cleaning equipment which is manufactured in Italy to the highest standard

From award winning Pedestrian sweepers to Large ride on Machines able to tackle all types of cleaning problems on Industrial sites/Manufacturing Premises/Factories, Hospitals, Warehouses, Multi storey carparks to airports etc.

A wide range of Vacuum Cleaners, both Domestic & Commercial to Industrial models including even small tub vacuums with 2-year motor warranty to triple motor vacuums and also ATEX vacuum to protect against explosive hazardous materials from dust to liquids.

Our range of rotary equipment consists of low speed, standard speed, high speed to ultra-high-speed equipment to suit YOUR cleaning requirements needs together with the supply of high-quality floor pads for all machine models and speeds at an affordable price.

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