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Hart Total Cleaning supply an extensive range of commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners from manufacturers including Cleanfix, Mastervac and Nilco

Whether you require a small vacuum cleaner for your office, a convenient back pack vacuum or a specially designed Type H or Atex machine for removal of hazardous materials, fine dusts or oils, we can satisfy your needs.

Upright Vacuum Cleaners
Upright Vacuums

Designed for larger carpet areas in unrestricted spaces. Ergonomic design reduces operator back strain. Active brush agitates carpet pile, loosening deep down dirt. Many upright vacuums feature a wander hose for use with detail tools.

Tub Vacuums for Dry Use
Tub or Cylinder Vacuums

Designed for use in small areas and restricted spaces. Operator stands as a pivot and moves the vacuum head back and forth in a circular movement. Detail brushes and tools are ideal for cleaning hard to reach areas.


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