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Cater Kleen


Features & Benefits
  • Odourless Non-Tainting and Food Safe
  • Bactericidal with High Foam Activity
  • Quickly Cuts Through Grease & Grime
  • Ideal for Crockery, Utensils, Glassware, Pots & Pans

Bactericidal Hand Dish Washing Concentrate


An odourless, bactericidal hand dish washing liquid with a high foam formulation for the food industry and all catering applications.

Ideal for cleaning plates, crockery, utensils, glassware, glasses, tumblers and pint pots to leave a sparkling finish.

Irritating to eyes.

Eyes: Bathe eye with running water for 15 min and seek medical advice.

Skin: Wash off with plenty of soap & water

Ingestion: Wash out mouth with water. Do not induce vomiting. Give half a litre of water to drink immediately seek medical attention.

Keep out of reach of children. Use biocides safely. Always read the label & product information before use


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