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Contact Hart Total Cleaning for all your carpet cleaning needs. We supply vacuum cleaners, spray extraction equipment, single pass carpet shampooing equipment, bonnet mopping machines & accessories and carpet care chemicals.

Vacuum cleaners are the obvious choice of equipment to care for carpets. With an active brush to lift the pile and vacuum to recover the dislodged dirt, they are certainly an important tool in our cleaning cupboards.

However, when our clothes are dirty, we don’t simply vacuum them as the cleaning result would be unsatisfactory. The only way to get a carpet really clean is to wash it.

There are 3 main methods of washing your carpets:

Carpet cleaning solution is applied to the floor and agitated using a rotary polisher fitted with a textile “bonnet”. The dirty solution is recovered using a suitable wet pick up machine. Carpets may take longer to dry due to the extended contact time of the chemical solution.

To limit contact time between solution and carpet, Carpet Extraction machines were developed. Labour intensive, the operator sprays the carpet with solution pumped from the machine, agitates and removes the waste with the specially designed vacuum tool. Less moisture tends to be left in the carpet, resulting in faster drying times. Accessory kits make these machines ideal for upholstery cleaning or vehicle valeting.

The Duplex floor cleaning range cleans carpets and awkward hard floor areas! Duplex features counter rotating brushes and feather light, single handed operation. The compact design enables cleaning into the corners and right to the skirtings, as well as under furniture and fittings. Simply squeeze the trigger to dispense clean solution to the brushes. Twin conveyors lift the dirty solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank. Clean & dirty water tanks are easily accessible for filling, emptying and cleaning.

For faster, easier and more effective cleaning, a Single Pass Extraction Machine is recommended. Featuring an active brush to lift the carpet pile and dislodge deep down dirt, the equipment is simply drawn back over the carpet, washing and drying in a single pass. Available with optional kits for cleaning upholstery or hard floors, these machines can be adapted to carry out a number of different tasks for you!


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