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Did you know that 80% of dust, dirt and grime in a building is brought in from outside on the soles of shoes, permanently damaging floors and carpets and that one square yard of carpet can accumulate one pound of dirt in a week, two pounds in bad weather.

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Hart Total Cleaning have been supplying quality matting systems now for nearly forty years for cleaner and safer premises. Entrance mats, logo mats, anti-fatigue mats, tack mats to dirt transfer mats.

Good entrance matting systems can dramatically reduce this by stopping dirt at the door, significantly reducing cleaning and maintenance costs and preventing slip hazards.

Our entrance matting range combines style and performance, ensuring a good first impression and effective dirt control in any doorway.

We as a local supplier will come and visit your site, carry out a full onsite survey to evaluate what your requirements would be. We offer a FREE measuring service and supply matting samples so you can see the quality and match the colours to suit your buildings if required.

Whether it be at home or at work, industrial, catering, leisure or retail we will carefully select products for your application and provide quality service at an affordable price.


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