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Universal Cleaner Concentrate

£9.25 + VAT

Features & Benefits
  • Versatile – Removes a wide range of soil & is suitable for many methods of application
  • Outstanding For: Anti Slip Floors, Kitchens, Concrete Steps, Porous Surfaces and Smoke Damage

Universal Cleaner Concentrate


A powerful universal alkaline cleaner/degreaser concentrate which quickly dissolves the toughest of grime to leave a spotless finish.

Ideal for food and industrial environments, Powerplus removes oils, fats, blood, dirt, grease, nicotine, inks, dyes, mildew and algae from concrete, paintwork, plastic, ceramics & stainless steel.

Safe, efficient general cleaning of all hard surfaces unaffected by water.

Powerplus boast numerous uses within the food industry; kitchens, bakeries, meat processors, food processors, confectioners, pie makers and snack manufacturers.

Eyes – Wash out with plenty of clean water
Skin – Wipe off or wash off with clean water
Ingestion – Drink large amounts of milk or water to dilute the product and seek medical attention.

Keep out of reach of children.


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