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Rapid Response Trolley

£183.75 + VAT

Features & Benefits
  • Compact for easy storage
  • Lightweight in use
  • Colour coded of your choice
  • Designed for quick response in busy environments


These compact trolley systems are designed to be used in busy environments for quick and efficient response as and when needed where cleaning is required.

This compact design is ideal where storage space is minimal and with its 3 inch swivel castors make it light and easy to manoeuvre when in action.

The trolley is made up with a 15 litre socket mop bucket and wringer and consists of two 4 litre bucket holders and sack holder at the back for the use of black refuse sacks.

This trolley is also fitted with hooks at both side of the frame to hold either wet floor signs or dust pan and brush. Come colour coded of your requirements.


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