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Servo-Matic Trolley

£203.95 + VAT

Features & Benefits
  • Lightweight but heavy duty construction
  • Customise with optional kits
  • 120L waste bag
  • 2 x 6L waste buckets included
  • Additional built in shelf storage
  • Easy to clean, move and store
  • 570 x 1090 x 1115mm


This heavy duty structofoam cart is built to last and is made from high quality recycled plastic.

This model of cart offers versatile on-board storage while maintaining a compact design.

It contains a 120-litre waste capacity with an additional twin 6 litre colour coded set of buckets and has an easy access shelf built in for storage and additional kit is optional consisting of 2 x 15 litre buckets and mop wringer.

This design of trolley can have the choice of 7 additional mopping kits to suit all your cleaning tasks in hand and can come colour coded to prevent contamination and effective infection control.


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