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Wm Hamilton & Sons

Hart Total Cleaning are pleased to announce that we’re now supplying WM Hamilton & Sons Ltd with our exclusive range of cleaning chemicals and sanitisers for the deep cleaning and sanitising of major buildings and building compounds.

Message from WM Hamilton and Sons to the Construction Industry.

To prepare for going back to work you may be interested in sanitising your works compound.

We can adapt our road sweepers to carry 2000 litres of a sanitising compound which can disinfect all external areas of your site compound, including handrails steps etc. This will be a 3-stage operation one sweeper will washdown/lance all areas, the second sweeper will apply chemical leave to dry for a few minutes then the third stage will be to wash down with clean water, so two sweepers will be required. If you wish to go look further at this sanitising solution prior to starting up your construction site we would be happy to discuss your requirement further.

Please see video below.